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DSRC Channel 172

Associations are lining up behind a dedicated Vehicle Safety Communications Channel. In early December 2005, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials each filed an Ex Parte letter with the Federal Communications Commission requesting the designation and set-aside of Channel 172 (in the allocated 5.9 GHz spectrum for Dedicated Short Range Communications) as a high availability, low latency channel for the highest priority vehicle safety communications. Other Associations are likewise expected to submit their comments in support of this request soon.

If no restriction is imposed by the Commission regarding the use of Channel 172, the companies that are best equipped to develop vehicle collision mitigation technology will not have sufficient confidence in the reliability of their vehicle safety applications to warrant widespread deployment of the technology. This is because in vehicle collision situations a delay of mere milliseconds can mean the difference between collision avoidance or mitigation and significant injury or even death. Under such circumstances, no approach other than a specific use restriction applicable to Channel 172 can provide the certainty of reliability needed to bring DSRC vehicle collision mitigation technologies to market.

Link to ITS America’s filing

Link to AIAM’s filing

Link to AASHTO's filing




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