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The National VII Coalition has many documents that have been presented at public meetings or in other venues, and this page is intended to be a warehouse for such documents. In addition to related news stories, a list of publicly available documents is listed below. If you recognize one or more of these documents to be out of date or would like to provide us with a document you believe should be on this page, please contact the webmaster with your feedback.

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Related News & Press Releases

Mar. 06, 2006
MI DOT Releases RFP for Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Data Use Analysis and Processing
The Michigan Department of Transportation has released an RFP to develop prototype applications/systems, using the data from MDOT's various VII partners, to identify and quantify some of the impacts the VII program will have on a Department of Transportation, such as real-time traffic management, project planning, traffic engineering, safety analysis, and performance measurement.

Jan. 25, 2006
Automotive Collision Avoidance System Field Operational Test
The US DOT has published a final report for the Automotive Collision Avoidance System Field Operational Test (ACAS FOT) project that was conducted as a Cooperative Agreement initiative between the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and General Motors Corporation (GM). '

Dec. 15, 2005
Associations Line Up Behind Dedicated Vehicle Safety Communications Channel
ITS America and the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers both filed an Ex Parte letter with the Federal Communications Commission requesting the designation and set-aside of Channel 172 (in the allocated 5.9 GHz spectrum for Dedicated Short Range Communications) as a high availability, low latency channel for the highest priority vehicle safety communications.

Public Documents


General Documents
- VII Architecture ,Version 1.1; July 2005
- VII Concept of Operations; April 2005
- VII Initiative Overview; April 2005

2005 ITS World Congress - Nov. 2005
- Bill Jones Presentation
- Paul Barrett Presentation
- Chris Wilson Presentation

VII Travel Information Workshop - Oct. 2005
- Overview Presentation
- Scenario Presentation

ITS America 2005 Annual Meeting - May 2005
- Jim Wright, VII Overview

VII Public Meeting Presentations - Feb. 2005
- Link to website with information and presentations

For Comment

VII Architecture 1.1

The US Department of Transportation invites feedback and comments to Version 1.1 of the VII Architecture, which defines a logical architecture for a system to wirelessly link vehicles with the infrastructure for the purpose of providing public and private data and information.

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