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Coalition Sponsored Meetings

The National VII Coalition has held several public meetings in the past and plans several more.

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February 2005 Public Meeting

Held in San Francisco, CA, this first-of-its-kind was intended to cover a wide variety of issue areas. The conference was well attended and provided attendees with a comprehensive update on architecture, business models, privacy issues, and outreach plans. A special website with all the presentations is available soon through ITS America at

July 2005 Architecture Workshop

On July 25, 2005, the VII Working Group held a workshop focussed specifically on presenting Version 1.1 of the VII Architecture and beginning the process of gathering industry feedback. Please visit the Library for additional information on the VII Architecture.

October 2005 Travel Information Workshop

The VII Working Group invited the traveler information industry to a workshop October 24, 2005, to begin a dialog on how the deployment of VII can benefit the traveler information industry and the potential roles that the public and private sectors will play in this new initiative. Please visit the Library for additional information and presentations.

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Nothing scheduled at this time - check back often for updates.

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